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Richard Cash elected to Senate 3 seat

By Stan Welch
Despite a last minute write in effort which garnered eighteen per cent of the votes cast, Powdersville businessman Richard Cash was elected to fill Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant’s District Three seat in the state Senate. The result ended an unlikely run for the seat which saw Cash finish second to moderate candidate Carol Burdette in the April 11 Republican primary; a result from which he rebounded to win the runoff two weeks later.

Absentee voting open for Senate District 3 primary

In-person absentee voting is now underway in Anderson County for the Senate District 3 Republican Primary.
Registered voters, who qualify, and need to cast an absentee ballot can weekdays during the hours of 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Thayer says she will not run for Bryant Senate seat

By Stan Welch
After several weeks of consideration and contemplation, District 9 State Representative Anne Thayer has decided to remain in the House, instead of entering the race for the recently vacated State Senate seat held by Kevin Bryant.
“I gave it a lot of serious thought, but in the end, I decided that I had run for the House in the first place to achieve certain goals for the people of District Nine,” said Thayer in an interview with The Journal. “I have spent six years building relationships and attaining a certain status with my colleagues. To abandon that and pursue a seat in the Senate would essentially start that whole process over. I just feel that I can spend those six years, or as many years as the voters grant me, much more productively by continuing my work in the House. For that reason, I will not be running for Senator Bryant’s seat.”

Incumbents remain in office

Scott, Duncan, Putnam

By Stan Welch

On the state and local level, there were few, if any surprises, in Tuesday’s elections. That was in part because so many candidates, especially at the county level, were unopposed incumbents. There were, however, a scattering of write-in votes in almost every single race. The numbers were insignificant, but the spread of the write-ins was unusual.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Tim Scott won in a runaway, gathering almost seventy four per cent of the vote against three opponents. In a rather odd circumstance, two of his opponents, Thomas Dixon and Bill Bledsoe, appeared on the ballot under the banner of more than one political party.

Election Day advice

Anderson County Election Director Katy Smith gives the following advice and tips on voting today:

“We expect long lines of voters,” Smith said. She asked voters to “be patient.”

Also – Voters can help reduce the lines by making sure they have the proper photo ID, or failing that have their voter registration card to show. Message: make sure your registration is up to date before heading to the polls. You can slow down the lines by not taking the time to verify your registration if you have moved since you last voted.

Know where you go to vote.

State, local candidates

Many candidates on the ballot are facing no opposition. The following are the candidates for the various offices.

In Anderson County, the candidates for Sheriff (Chad McBride); Solicitor,(David Wagner); Clerk of Court (Richard Shirley); Coroner (Greg Shore); Treasurer (Jason Phillips); and Auditor (Jacky Hunter) are all unopposed in the general election.

County council members Cindy Wilson, Ken Waters, and Tom Allen are all unopposed.

Mike Upton is unopposed for the District Two seat on the County Board of Education.

Many local candidates facing no oppostion

By Stan Welch

Many candidates on the ballot next Tuesday are facing no opposition. The following are the candidates for the various offices.

The candidates for Sheriff (Chad McBride); Solicitor,(David Wagner); Clerk of Court (Richard Shirley); Coroner (Greg Shore); Treasurer (Jason Phillips); and Auditor (Jacky Hunter) are all unopposed in the general election.

Election Day next Tuesday – Nov. 8

By Stan Welch

Less than a week remains before South Carolina and America goes to the polls. South Carolina will elect one U.S. Senator, as incumbent Republican Tim Scott faces an odd selection of opponents,with three men representing five different parties.

Thomas Dixon is listed as a member of both the Democrat and Green parties, while Bill Bledsoe represents both the Constitutional and Libertarian parties, while Rebel Michael Scarborough represents the American Party.

Incumbent Congressman Jeff Duncan faces opposition in the District 3 House race from Hosea Cleveland, a Democrat.

Merritt seeking reelection to School District One Board

David “Moochie” Merritt is seeking re-election to the Anderson District One School Board. Merritt is a lifelong resident of Piedmont, where he lives with Debbie, his wife of 36 years. He also has two children, both graduates of Anderson District One Schools, and three grandchildren. David is a 1978 graduate of Wren High School and received his BS and MBA degrees from Clemson University.

Merritt has served on the School Board for twenty years and is currently the Board’s Secretary. During this time Anderson District One has seen the graduation rate rise to 92%, academic and athletic facility

County Council staggered terms on election ballot

By Stan Welch

The Anderson County Council has approved an ordinance for consideration that would stagger the terms of the Council members over the next two election cycles. The ordinance, approving the staggering of the terms, will appear on the ballot at next week’s general election, as required by state law.

County Attorney Leon Harmon explained that this year’s election cycle includes the legal conditions necessary for the consideration of the ordinance by the general public. There are several conditions established by the General Assembly for such a change to be voted on, one way or the other, by the public.”

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