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Seems to Me . . .

By Stan Welch

Well, the Iowa caucuses are behind us now, and only the New Hampshire primary stands between us and the circus coming to town in a couple of weeks for the South Carolina primaries. Oddly enough, the Republican primary will be held on a Saturday, February 20. A week later, due to some strange glitch in the registration process, the Democrats will hold their primary the following Saturday, the 27.

It has been a common complaint that there has been little to choose from in recent elections. Perhaps that explains the election of President Obama. Whatever else he was, he was different. This election too, at least on the Republican side, offers a great diversity, both in the candidates and their philosophies and visions for America.

Duncan, Cruz on Isis

Rep. Jeff Duncan and Sen. Ted Cruz

Just weeks after the terrorist attack at San Bernardino, two suspected terrorists who came in as Iraqi refugees were apprehended in Sacramento and Houston. That same night, another man shot at a Philadelphia officer 13 times in the name of radical Islam. Yet the Obama administration continues to allow thousands of refugees — with the same insufficient vetting that resulted in San Bernardino — to flood our borders. Their plans to bring in refugees from war-torn Islamic nations not only make our country less secure, but endanger American lives.

SC Press Association attorney responds to proposed bill

To register journalists

By Jay Bender

I confess. I had more fun responding to inquiries about Mike Pitts’ (R-Laurens) journalist registration bill than I have had answering questions about any other proposed restrictions on the press or personal freedoms. A client called and asked what the response to the bill should be. I responded, “laughter.” The client then asked, “What do we say when someone wants our official response?” “Tell them when we quit laughing we’ll think of something.”

Seems to Me . . .

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By Stan Welch

Well, I suppose Donald Trump’s campaign organization should be grateful to Dr. Ben Carson for giving their candidate a break from being on the media bull’s eye for a while at least. It isn’t easy to shove the Donald out of the spotlight, but Dr. Carson did it with one hand tied behind his back.

How? Why, he simply answered one question, and the latest media feeding frenzy was on. Dr. Carson was asked if he could support a practicing Muslim for president of the United States. One can only suppose that this question, asked during an election cycle in which a Muslim is about the only type of candidate that isn’t already running, is a result of Trump’s failure to defend Obama when a citizen at a Trump campaign event called the current president a Muslim.


Seems to Me . . .

Nine Lives

By Stan Welch

What a roller coaster ride Charleston and South Carolina have been on in the last few days. Nine innocent, peaceful souls were murdered in, of all places, a church; at,of all times, during a Bible study; by, of all people, a stranger they had welcomed into their midst.

Nine people slaughtered in an act of racial hatred that stunned the nation. But as horrible as that action was, it was what happened next that stunned the whole world. Not a stone was thrown, not a fire lit. People of all colors joined hands and opened their hearts instead of closing them. The victims’ families, in a display of faith and Christian grace, offered their forgiveness to the one who just days before had torn their lives and worlds apart.

It was a message so powerful that it snuffed out any flames of hatred that might have been taking hold. When a well known Confederate monument at the Battery was apparently defaced by angry black citizens, with racially charged slogans, blacks and whites worked together to drape the statue and cover the damage. They then ignored it. Hatred simply had no place on the itinerary last week.

Clemson – Carolina Penalty


Seems to Me . . . The snow is coming

By Stan Welch

Bread and milk! Milk and bread! The sky is falling! We’re all doomed!

For the second time this winter, the Upstate faces extinction from winter’s wrath. Once again, only the wholesale consumption of bread and milk can save us. Oh, and saltines. If you have ever had the slightest doubt about which brand of saltine is the king, put your mind at ease.

Both the Powdersville WalMart and the Ingle’s supermarket were totally empty of Premium brand, except for a few boxes of the unsalted top variety, which as we all know aren’t, by definition, saltines at all. Of course, Zesta is a perfectly acceptable substitute, which is what I chose.

Seems to Me . . . Benghazi

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