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Growing school districts being penalized by ACT 388

By David Meade

Anderson School District One is among a number of growing school districts across the state, that are being penalized in funding as the result of ACT388, a law enacting a one cent statewide sales tax to replace residential housing property tax in the state. District One Superintendent David Havird said this week that Anderson District One has lost several million dollars in funding since the state enacted ACT 388 in 2007 to provide property tax relief.

Havird said growing school districts throughout the state are being penalized by the formula state legislators came up with for property tax relief which was supposed to be made up with the one cent sales tax.

School District One fund balance increases $2.1 million

By Stan Welch

Things seem to be rolling right along at Anderson School District One, based on reports from various sources at the school board’s meeting last week.

Auditors Greene, Finney, and Horton, once again gave the district the best rating possible, an unmodified opinion. Audit highlights include an increase in the fund balance of $2.1 million, which was a noticeable improvement over the budgeted decrease of $254,000.

Among the matters aired before the board and a small audience was Spearman Elementary School’s selection as a Blue Ribbon School for the state of South Carolina. Jane Harrison reported that the award, which is a tiered award, with nine separate criteria, usually requires several efforts to satisfy all those criteria.

Voters approve one cent sales tax

By David Meade

By a fifty three to forty seven per cent margin, Anderson County voters approved the one cent sales tax referendum. The stated goal of the sales tax is to reduce property tax, reduce debt service and provide school improvement funds.

In School District One, proceeds will also be used to install, maintain and improve security and public safety in each school in the district and make other capital improvements across the district.

A high priority for District One is safety and security enhancements including access doors, additional cameras, entryways, fire alarms and communication equipment, according to Superintendent David Havird.

Referendum to decide penny sales tax – for education

If approved –  Will increase security, make improvements,
reduce property tax in School District One

By David Meade

Voters in School District One will have the opportunity to vote yes or no on a referendum which provides for a one cent sales and use tax which will provide funding for specific capital improvements for local schools.

The goal of the sales tax is to reduce property tax and debt service and provide school improvement funds.

The 2014 SC Education Capital Improvements Sales and Use Tax Act requires all districts to use 10 percent of the proceeds to reduce property taxes by offsetting the existing debt service on general obligation bonds.

Penny Sales Tax Referendum on Ballot

$25,000 Bosch grant encourages science education

By David Meade

During the monthly Board meeting Tuesday, Anderson School District One was presented a $25,000 check from Bosch to be used in a program designed to encourage students to pursue subjects like science and engineering.

Randy Bunch, Director of Human Resources and Continuous Improvement Process at Bosch of Anderson, presented the check which will be used for the purchase of STEM kits. “The need to encourage students to pursue key subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is tremendously important right now,” Bunch told the Board.

Students recognized for serving in leadership positions

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Anderson One maintains Excellent Rating

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EOC scores place District second in state on ELA

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Students, teachers return to classes

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