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Georgia chases ends in Piedmont

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Chemical supplier opens Anderson facility

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Piedmont Public Service District to hold budget meetings

By Stan Welch
The Piedmont Public Service District (PPSD) Board of Commissioners will hold its April meeting two weeks later than usual, in order to begin budget preparations beforehand. Chief Tracy Wallace explained that the financial information needed from Greenville County in order to complete the budget preparation would not be available until late April, causing the delay.
The Commission will meet on Thursday, April 26, at 6 p.m. for a budget workshop. The workshop is open to the public. The following Monday at 7 p.m., the regular Commission meeting will be held.

Textile Olde Timers in Piedmont

There will be a meeting of the Textile Olde Timers  Saturday, Mar. 17 at 10 a.m. at the Piedmont Community Building.
The event is being sponsored by the Southern Textile Heritage Society and any old time textile athlete is invited regardless of sport played, organizers said. The public and anyone interested in sports or textile sports is also invited.

Pedestrian hit by vehicle

Piedmont firefighters work at the scene of a accident on Anderson Street Monday night. A pedestrian was apparently crossing the roadway near Academy Street when he was struck by an eastbound Toyota. The man was thrown over the car and onto the roadway. He was rushed to Greenville Memorial Hospital by Pelzer EMS and later died. (Photo by David Rogers)

Piedmont SC Chronoligical History

PIEDMONT CHRONOLOGICAL HISTORY  (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

1746: David Garrison Born.

1770: Pearl Springs School Organized on Shiloh Church Road.

1790: David Garrison lives in Greenville County

Piedmont SC history

PIEDMONT HISTORY  (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

Piedmont: A spot on the Saluda River where the sparkling water rushes over huge rocks on its way from the mountains to the sea. The place has had several names; the Indians and early settlers called it “Big Shoals of the Saluda,” later it was Garrison Shoals and then Piedmont. From the time the Indians used the big rocks of the shoals as a crossing, through the several bridges, Piedmont has been a crossroads for generations.

The Founding of Piedmont SC

THE FOUNDING OF PIEDMONT   (compiled by Don Roper, Piedmont, S.C.):

Since the village of Piedmont was founded, two generations have come upon the stage of life, and few of our inhabitants know anything of the early history of the place. A few words on this subject may not come amiss. Prior to the year 1873 or 45 years ago this locality was known as “The Big Shoals of the Saluda.” It was indeed a wild section, a mass of wildwood and jungle growth. However, the lands with the water power had been previously purchased by Col. H.P. Hammett during the last days of the Civil War. Col. Hammett also had some experience in the management of a small mill at Batesville in this county, and being a man of great business capacity and broad vision, he saw the possibilities of a great enterprise in his purchase.

Piedmont SC Fire Department 2002

Piedmont Fire Department (2002)

September, 2002 – Piedmont firefighters included: Chief Jerry L. Nichols; Assistant Chief Tracy B. Wallace; Capt. Bobby Higgins, Capt. Norman Wynn, Lt. Terry Yates, Lt. Grady Reeves, Lt. Dustin Allen.

Also Craig Lawless, engineer/inspector/paramedic; Joey Gillespie, engineer/inspector/EMT; Eric Shirley, engineer, paramedic and engineers: Mark McClain, James H. Hyde, Jason Thompson, Robert Bolden, Dustin Grogan, dispatcher.

History of Piedmont Fire Department

History of the Piedmont Fire Department (Complied by Assistant Chief Tracy Wallace – 2002)

1948 – J. P. Stevens Company formed the Piedmont Fire Department. Equipment included a 1948 Chevrolet Peter Pirsh fire truck and shop employees served as firefighters.

1971 – A 1971 Ford John Beam fire truck apparatus was purchased. It was kept in the mill parking lot.

1972 – Construction was started on a fire department in the old mill parking lot on Hwy. 86. The depratment has an ISO rating of Class 9.

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